FundMe assists companies in raising capital and once the offering is closed, we are no longer involved with what occurs thereafter. Therefore, it is important to know what was stated in the offering to ensure that the correct return on your investment is made. 

Investments in Startups involve high risk. Startups face significant financial and operating risks. Targeted or projected returns may never be realized and/or may not be adequate to compensate an Investor for risks taken. Loss of an Investor’s entire investment is possible and can easily happen.

Only a small percentage of Startups survive and prosper. Startups often experience unexpected problems in product development, manufacturing, marketing, financing, and general management, among others, which frequently cannot be solved. In addition, Issuers may require more financing, which may not be available through private placements, the public markets or otherwise.

 Please refer to our Risk Factors page for more information or seek advice from a financial professional.