1. Get started on FundMe.com
    Fill out our application to start raising capital for your business here.

    We'll ask for some basic information about your business, project, and the type of raise you're planning to offer to your investors. We recommend submitting as much information as you can to be considered during the application process such as the URL to your website, business plan, whitepaper, deck, google docs, etc. We will not review applications without a developed website and business plan/whitepaper.

    Once you have submitted your application, our staff will review it within 1 week and let you know if it has been approved or not.

  2. Complete the requirements for your regulation
    If approved, we will follow up with an approval email including what documents you need to provide, and what items are required in the project form.

    You'll be provided with a link to begin the project creation process in this email, along with help documents that will assist you during the creation of your project.

  3. Finish filling out SEC documents
    We'll send you the link to register for a filer CIK number and confirmation code in order to submit your Form C to FINRA.

  4. Create your campaign
    Complete all required sections when creating your offering. You can find detailed information about what is required here.

    Once you are done polishing and perfecting your site, you will submit your offering for review. Our incredible staff will review your offering, completing a thorough check to ensure all requirements have been fulfilled.

  5. Almost Ready to Launch!
    Once the review process is complete, we can begin submitting your information to FINRA. We will have our legal team review your Form C and any other required documents.

    It is important to be responsive and available during this time in case we have additional questions for you, or need further correspondence. Be patient as we work through this process, as it can take a few days.

  6. Finish up the Final Touches
    The final steps needed before we can launch your campaign is setting up your escrow account.

    You will notice an "Add Associated Entities" button appear on your project after it has been reviewed by our staff. Complete all of the follow up steps to finish your project.

    After completing all final steps, your offering will be submitted for escrow review. Once your offering is approved, it will automatically go to a "Running" state and your campaign will be LIVE!