When starting the process of filing your Form C, you may find it helpful to structure your Form C document, and any attached exhibits as follows:

Form C File Structure

The names of attached document files must follow the EDGAR file naming conventions: 

  • File names cannot exceed 32 characters, including the file extension.
  • Spaces are not allowed.


  • Keeping your editable files available may prove useful incase you need to make any changes
  • Exhibits should be separated from the final Form C document as pictured above
  • The Form C you upload to Edgar must not contain any URLs or links pointing to a webpage outside of the document
  • Any graphics included in the Form C or attached pdfs must also be included as GRAPHIC documents and should be uploaded in addition to the PDF files
  • You must ensure you've signed and included your signature page in your final Form C document
  • You must include a signed financial statement as one of your exhibits. If you're raising greater than $535,000 the financial statement must be signed by your CPA or Attorney, and not yourself. 

Once you've prepared your Form C and exhibits, you can begin the process of filing your Form C. Here is an article that covers the filing process: https://fundme.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/43000375890-form-c-filing

If you run into issues with your filing, or you'd like to pay for assistance with filing your Form C, please contact your FundMe representative.